Wednesday AM Reads - October 31: The Top Ten List

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Our morning reads today:

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Happy Friday - October 26: Bits and Pieces

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Here are some of our Friday afternoon reads:

  • 401(k) Ownership Grows as IRA Ownership Falls, Says Study (Financial Advisor)
  • Big Chill: Worried RIAs and other 401(k) leaders gather in Chicago in hopes of saving the goose (RIA Biz)
  • Cheer up! Your 401(k) is roaring back (USA Today)
  • Succinct Summation of Week's Events - 10/26/12 (The Big Picture Blog)
  • Time to Reduce Equity Exposure (Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture)
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Thursday PM Reads - October 25: Should You Accept a Pension Buyout?

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Since this is a burning topic among several people that I personally know, here's what I found interesting:

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Tuesday PM Reads - October 23: Importing DB Plan Strategies Into DC Plans

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While the rest of the working world is busy digesting the latest little techno-bauble from Apple, here's some stuff we found interesting this afternoon:

  • The Intricacies of Required Minimum Distributions (Financial Advisor)
  • The Let's-Sell-Our-House-And-See-the-World Retirement (The Wall Street Journal, via Yahoo! Finance)
...and finally, one of the more interesting reads to come across our desks today:
What are you reading today?


Friday AM Reads - October 19: Increased 401(k) Contribution Limits

As expected, the IRS released contribution limits for 2013 increased for cost of living adjustments (COLA).  A copy of the press release can be found here.  Some highlights from the IRS COLA table are as follows:
  • The 401(k) deferral limit for calendar year 2013 is $17,500, an increase of $500 from 2012
  • The catch-up contribution limit for employees aged 50+ remains unchanged at $5,500
  • An employee aged 50+ can now contribute $23,000 ($17,500 + $5,500) in 401(k) deferrals for the year in 2013, an increase of $500 from 2012.
  • The annual defined contribution plan limit is now $51,000, an increase of $1,000 from 2012
  • The annual defined benefit limit is now $205,000, an increase of $5,000 from 2012
  • The annual compensation limit is increased to $255,000, an increase of $5,000 from 2012
  • The Social Security Taxable Wage Base is now $113,700
Here's your marching orders for contributions effective January 1, 2013 if you want to 'max-out' for next year:

Annual Limit Bi-weekly Contribution /26 Semi-monthly Contribution /24 Weekly Contribution /52
Age Below 50  $  17,500.00                  673.08                  729.17                  336.54
Age 50+  $  23,000.00                  884.62                  958.33                  442.31

Have a great weekend!